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Credit No.: 6102-MN

The Government of Mongolia (the Client) has through its Ministry of Energy received financing from the World Bank (the Bank) toward the cost of the Mongolia Second Energy Sector Project, and is in the process to establish the Project Management Office (PMO).

The Mongolia Second Energy Sector Project objective is to improvereliability and sustainability of electricity services in Mongolia. Under the project, Ministry of Energy (MoE) of Mongolia is seeking to recruit qualified specialists for the Project Management Office.

Assignment Title: Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient day-to-day project implementation under the overall guidance and supervision of the Project Steering Committee. The Project Coordinator will ensure the effective implementation and functioning of the project including project inception activities, annual and quarterly planning and reporting, implementation of project activities, and semi and annual project reviews. The Project Coordinator has the following main responsibilities:

·         Overall project management, coordination, activity planning, monitoring and reporting in accordance with the Bank regulations and MOE requirements;

·         Oversight and manage of project funds including accounting and financial reporting for the EP activities;

·         Supervise Project Management Office (PMO) staffs and all consultants working for the project.

·         Review and submit project progress reports, mid-term review reports and the project final report and the Bank’s implementation support missions including a mid-term review mission and an implementation completion review mission, in line with and the Bank guidelines.

·         Ensure the timely submission of work plans, reports, outputs and other deliverables to MOE, MOF and the Bank for review and evaluation, as appropriate.

·         Regularly report to and keep the MOE management and the Bank up-to-date on project progress and implementation issues.

·         Such other tasks as may be assigned and/ or delegated by the charge of PSC and the World Bank.



The Project Coordinator shall have the following qualifications:

·         Graduate degree in project management, energy, international economics or a closely related field;

·         Minimum 3 years of demonstrated experience in management and/or coordination of projects;

·         Strong management skills including ability to provide strategic guidance, technical oversight, mentor staff, build strong teams, develop work plans, and manage budgets and project expenditures;

·         Demonstrated experience of working on multidisciplinary projects;

·         Highly organized person, sets priorities, produces quality outputs, meets deadlines and manages time efficiently;

·         Excellent interpersonal skills to lead the PMO, work with different stakeholders, and to network among the national and international teams and beyond to other national institutions;

·         Proven ability to work effectively and manage complex relationships with multiple development partners, and good knowledge and network at the Energy sector in the country;

·         Excellent oral and written presentation skills with capacity to communicate effectively with different audiences;

·         Strong analytical skills, oral and written communication and team building skills;

·         Proven written, analytical, presentation and reporting skills and demonstrated computing skills;

·         Fluency in speaking and writing in English and Mongolian languages required.



Candidates shall submit the following information in English:

1.         Curriculum Vitae;

2.         Cover Letter:The letter need to contain full information about your ability and how you will suit best to requirements of related position;

3.         Reference or recommendation lettersfrom current and/or previous employer;

4.         A copyof all Diplomas and Certificates;

5.         Deadlineof the application: 10.00 am., Wednesday, August 05 ,2020

6.         Hand delivery by yourself: Project Management Office of the Second Energy Sector Project, Suite 503, 5th Floor, Gegeenten Office, Chinggis Avenue -36, Khan-Uul District, 15th Khoroo, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Telephone: +976-77008544

7.         All documents must be sealed in one envelope and must indicate the applying position. Submitted documents will not be returned to applicants.

8.         Selection process: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants. Incomplete applications will be taken out of consideration.


Contact address: Project Management Office of the Second Energy Sector Project, Suite 503, 5th Floor, Gegeenten Office, Chinggis Avenue -36, Khan-Uul District, 15th Khoroo, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Telephone: +976-77008544

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