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The Government of Mongolia received loan from Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the grant from High-Level Technology Fund to implement “First Utility-Scale Energy Storage Project”.

The Ministry of Energy (MOE) of Mongolia, the project Executing Agency is now recruitinga Social and Gender Development Specialist (national,10 person-months, intermittent) for the Project management unit (PMU).For more information about the project, please visit below link.

The expert will ensure the proper planning, preparation, implementation, and monitoring and reporting of the project activities from a gender perspective and ensure implementation of all activities listed in the project Gender Action Plan (GAP). The expert will:

(i)     Lead and provide technical guidance for the implementation of gender actions, in coordination with the executing agency MOE, the PMU, project management consultant, and provide oversight to ensure the successful and achievement of gender targets, namely gender assessment for the energy sector completed and approved by MOE; training needs assessment conducted and training program designed and delivered for cumulative 120 female engineers at NPTG and NDC; baseline and endline of beneficiary satisfaction completed, and achievements of gender targets in turnkey contract training achieved;

(ii)      prepare a detailed work plan for the implementation of the GAP and coordinate actions with key stakeholders including NPTG, NDC, the Mongolian National Committee on Gender Equality, the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, School of Power Engineering, project management consultants, contractors and suppliers;

(iii)    review the selection criteria for female engineers at NPTG and NDC to access professional engineering training and support the organization of training for engineers from field offices;

(iv)      review and provide oversight to confirm the quality of outputs for capacity development activities in the GAP, preparation of the sector policy, and methodology and results of baseline and endline;

(v)       support the project monitoring and evaluation specialist in preparing and monitoring the Project Performance Management System (PPMS) following the performance indicators/targets of the GAP, and gender indicators in Design and Monitoring Framework; and support the development of a mechanism and instruments to collect sex-disaggregated data of the project interventions, including beneficiaries’ sex-data disaggregated data;

(vi)   prepare the project quarterly and annual reports including the progress in the implementation of GAP activities, achievement of targets, and qualitative assessment of the project benefits;

(vii)  provide support for the project review missions of ADB including progress updates on the GAP implementation; and

(viii)  lead the preparation of mid-term and project completion report sections related to progress in the implementation of gender action plan, achievement towards targets, overall achievement and impact of activities, including identification and write up of case studies.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The expert should have a Bachelor’s degree in gender or development studies, public policy, sociology, or relevant discipline; at least 8 years’ demonstrated experience in the area of gender mainstreaming; good knowledge of government planning processes is essential; experience working in multilateral development projects are strong advantages; strong oral and written Mongolian and English proficiency.

Candidate is required to submit following documents include:

  • Cover letter;
  • CV prepared according to the ADB format in English and Mongolian:
  • Copies of certificates;
  • Copy of citizenship ID; and
  • Recommendation from previous employer.

If available, submit evidence of English proficiency, i.e. IELTS, TOEFL score sheet.

Application Deadline: 3:00 PM, March 10, 2021.

Application submission address:

Room No. 212

Renewable Energy Division

Ministry of Energy

Government Building XIV

Khan-Uul District, 17060

Phone: +976 -51-263057

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