Terms of Reference of Environmental Management and Safeguard Monitoring consultancy service

Terms of Reference of Environmental Management and Safeguard Monitoring consultancy service

Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector Project


Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Government of Mongolia received grant from the Strategic Climate Fund, Japan Fund for the Joint Crediting Mechanism and loan from the Asian Development Bank to implement the Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector Project. The Project will develop 41.0 megawatts (MW) of solar, wind and Shallow-ground renewable energy (RE) in remote areas of the Western and Altai-Uliastai Energy Systems. The Project will be implemented over two phases, with the first phase from 2019-2022 and the second from 2022-2024.

1.      Umnugovi subproject

A 10 MW wind farm will be developed in Uvs aimag.

2.      Uliastai subproject     

A 5 MW solar PV farm will be developed in Aldarkhaan soum, and a 3.6 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) installed at the Uliastai substation

3.      Govi Altai subproject              

A 10 MW solar PV farm will be established in Yesonbulag Soum)

4.      Altai Soum subproject

An off-grid 0.5 MW hybrid solar, wind and BESS facility will be developed in Altai Soum.

5.      Khovd subproject

A 135 kW shallow-ground heat pump (SGHP) will be installed at Kindergarten 1 in Khovd City.

The project management unit (PMU) and consulting team is inviting sealed proposals for environmental monitoring services for above mentioned subprojects.

Scope of Work

The consulting firm will report to Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector project management unit (PMU), and work closely with the construction contractors in implementation of the site-specific environmental management plans and environmental compliance monitoring, will support the establishment of the grievance redress mechanism in each construction site.   The consulting firm will perform, among other tasks, including public consultation.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

Ø  Guided by the PMU, support construction contractors including assigned officer with environmental responsibilities in ensuring compliance with loan environmental safeguards of ADB;

Ø  Provide formal environmental management trainings as the appropriate stage in project implementation as set out in the project EMP including preparation of all training materials;

Ø  Develop environment management checklists based on the EMP for use by construction contractor’s officer with environmental responsibilities in undertaking their supervision and monitoring activities during construction period;

Ø  Guided by the PMU, support construction contractors in understanding the mitigation and monitoring requirements set out in the project IEE and EMP;

Ø  Review and confirm that necessary mitigation measures are included in the Site Specific EMP prepared by construction contractors;

Ø  Identify additional mitigation measures as required based on inspection and monitoring for potential impacts;

Ø  Provide training on establishment of GRM; 

Ø  Assist the PMU in establishing a GRM in accordance with structure and guideline given in the project IEE, coordinate consultation with local stakeholders as required;

Ø  Guided by the PMU, review contractor’s safeguard’s documents to ensure all required environmental specifications have been included, update as required;

Ø  Review environmental monitoring reports prepared by construction contracts and assess and ensure all mitigation measures specified in the EMP are implemented;

Ø  Conduct periodic environment monitoring defined in the monitoring program in the EMP and prepare independent environmental compliance report;

Ø  Undertake site visits to all project sites during the construction period to check adequate implementation EMP measures and advice to construction contractors if improvements are needed, document each site visit in field visit note including photographs;

Ø  Assist PMU in reviewing and approving the construction contractors as required by the EMP and confirm they confirm with EMP measures, implementation cost and Environmental Monitoring Requirements.


Ø  Independent Environmental compliance monitoring reports to Project Management Unit in accordance to the monitoring program specified in the project EMP on annual bases in English and Mongolian language;

Ø  Semi-annual Reports to Project Management Unit on field visits to project sites during the construction period including corrective actions and advices provided to the construction contractors for improvements of EMP implementation in English and Mongolian language;

Ø  Training materials, hand-outs in English and Mongolian language;

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Ø  EIA Special permit provided by MET;

Ø  Experience working with international organizations, previous experience with ADB is preferred;

Ø  Experience in developing DEIA in renewable energy projects are required;

Ø  To have environmental monitoring equipment.

Submission procedure

Ø  Copy of contracts within last 3 years as proof of work experience;

Ø  Copy of entity’s state registration certificate (both front and back);

Ø  Curriculum Vitae of all the experts;

Ø  Copy of valid EIA special permit;

Ø  Copy of auditing of financial statement;

Ø  List of monitoring equipment;

Ø  Price quotation should be submitted in separate sealed envelop.

The deadline for submission is on 7th of September, 2020, 12:00 PM (Ulaanbaatar time)

To obtain further information:

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