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Credit No.: IDA61020, Grant No. TF-A4506



The Government of Mongolia (the Client) has through its Ministry of Energy received financing from the World Bank (the Bank) toward the cost of the Mongolia Second Energy Sector Project, and is in the process to establish the Project Management Office (PMO). the Mongolia Second Energy Sector Project objective is to improve reliability and sustainability of electricity services in Mongolia. Under the project, Ministry of Energy (MoE) of Mongolia is seeking to recruit qualified specialists for the Project Management Office.


  1. Provide assurance that all steps have been undertaken properly for the implementation of the project;
  2. Provide assurance that the completed plant will deliver performance, reliability and operational parameters as specified in the design;
  3. Assist in technical and financial evaluation as well as approving the technical documents including design and drawing of the project, oversight of construction from the Borrower’s perspective; and oversight of the testing and commissioning of the power plant from the Client’s perspective.


Theobjectives of this assignment are being responsible for following matters, but not limited to:

  • Responsible for Solar PV plant sites in Myangad soum, WES to assess site condition and carry out solar resource (GHI) assessment forecasting based upon satellite imaginary data for last 10 years;
  • Responsible for technical issues related to integration of Solar Plant;
  • Assist to WES to prepare quarterly and annual based progress report and project completion report;
  • Assist to WES in obtaining licenses, permits of construction, rights of access to land and other compulsory administrative steps as needed by the relevant regulations in force in Mongolia;
  • Prepare and update Project Implementation Plan and progress report as needed;
  • Assist project coordinator to develop initial pre-commissioning, test run, and final acceptance procedure and submit to MOE and NREC for approval;
  • Conduct pre-commissioning, test run, and final acceptance to verify compliance with functional guarantee and the designed performance with line organizations;
  • Prepare and develop technical specifications and other technical documents for the construction of a solar power plant and connection to the WES system;
  • Assist to build a solar power plant, develop a drawing assignment to connect to the WES system, and review the technical drawings;
  • Review and certify the technical requirements for PV modules, substations, OHLs and other materials and equipment to be supplied by the project;
  • On-site monitoring of the construction of a solar power plant and connection to the WES system;
  • Checking and approval of design calculations, drawings and specifications submitted by the turnkey contractor in respect of all electrical, mechanical, instrumentation &control, civil works and ancillaries under the scope of turnkey contract;
  • Supervision of erection work of all electrical, mechanical, and civil works;
  • Evaluation, review and approval of the field test methods submitted by the turkey contractor for electrical, mechanical, O & M operations, witnessing of the test at various phases of work;
  • Checking/witnessing of start-up and trial operation, initial commercial operation and performance tests of the power plant (to be carried out by the contractor) in association with WES, PMO and MOE engineers and submission of detailed report;
  • Such other tasks as may be assigned and/ or delegated by the Project Coordinator.


Applicants shall have a graduate degree in Renewable and Electrical engineering with more than five years of experience in relevant field and background in renewable energy and power system. It is important that the applicant has good knowledge of electricity distribution system in Mongolia and knowledge of and experience with the World Bank project management and policies.

The Solar Engineer (SREP) shall have:

  • A Master’s degree or equivalent in Technical Engineering with a specialized in Renewable and Electrical  Engineer;
  • At least 5 years of experience in the energy sector, experience in solar power generation and knowledge of solar PV design, operation and maintenance;
  • Experience in project management with at least 3years of experience in international projects;
  • Experience of using PVSyst Program will be an advantage;
  • Proficiencyin RETscreen and Meteonorm program will be an advantage;
  • Knowledge of World Bank procurement guidelines and understanding of procedures connected to implementation of World Bank-funded projects willbe an advantage;
  • High integrity and accountability, good team work spirit, good computer skills;
  • Demonstrate good time management skill with proven ability to work promptly and efficiently under pressure and meet tight deadlines;
  • Ability and willingness to frequently travel to and work in the countryside;
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills in English and Mongolian languages.


Candidates shall submit the following information in English:

  1. Curriculum Vitae along with a Cover Letter:The letter need to contain full information about your ability and how you will suit best to requirements of related position;
  2. Reference or recommendation lettersfrom current and/or previous employer;
  3. Copiesof all Diplomas and Certificates;
  4. Deadlineof the application: 10:00 AM,  May 7, 2021

Please indicate the applying position and Send to e-mail: or Hand delivery to: Project Management Office of the Second Energy Sector Project

Selection process: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Incomplete applications will be taken out of consideration. Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants.

Contact Address:Project Management Office of the Second Energy Sector Project, Suite 503, 5th Floor, Gegeenten Office, Chinggis Avenue -36, Khan-Uul District, 15th Khoroo, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Telephone: +976-77008544

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